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Strive to Transform Perform

We are Avantix. We help organisations transform their ways of working to embed significant improvements. We support our clients' people through the change journey to ensure they remain engaged.

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Helping Organisations Perform in a Complex World

Information-age organisations need to be able to adapt quickly to deal with the challenges of a complex world. Traditional organisational structures and cultures are based on concepts that were ideal for achieving efficiency in an industrial-age world. These approaches often don’t enable organisations to adapt quickly to meet emerging challenges and often limit the ability of people to contribute.

Avantix and our partners work with you to embed new ways of working that enables your people to more effectively contribute to success and establish a more resilient organisation.

Our Recent Blogs

Psychological safety is the essential ingredient in high performing organisations. In psychologically safe environments people feel comfortable sharing candid feedback, openly admitting mistakes, and learning from each other.

When it comes to building a successful team, we all know how crucial hiring the right candidate is. One way to build confidence in your hiring process is by using psychometric assessments as a tool or suite of tools alongside traditional interviewing methods.

There is a concept in software development called technical debt. Put simply, technical debt is a cost associated with performing additional work to put right a quick fix solution, or the cost of performing work later than it should have originally been performed. In both cases, the cost of paying back the debt is often higher than the cost of doing the job right first time.

Humans are really good at seeing patterns and developing solutions to solve problems. It’s a gift that evolution bestowed upon us. We can create solutions to more complex problems when we interact in groups. Better ideas emerge when we can freely share our thoughts with others. Fundamentally, setting a collection of minds on a problem allows more factors to be considered and is more likely to result in a good solution

How we can help

We help our clients to improve their performance by co-creating improved ways of working with their people. Click on the links below for more information on our services and how we can help you. 

Strategy Development

We help leaders that want to establish a robust and coherent direction for their organisation.

Operating Model Transformation

We help organisations that want to successfully embed positive transformation outcomes.

Team Performance Improvement

We help teams remove barriers to success and achieve new levels of performance.

Leadership Development

We help senior leaders improve self awareness and connect better to achieve their goals.

Our Ethos

We believe that organisations need to combine effective organisational governance with empowered, engaged people to be most effective. We work in partnership with organisations to achieve this by:

  • Working with the people in the organisation to co-create new ways of working using structured approaches to operating model development;
  • Establishing psychologically safe environments where everyone can contribute to the best of their ability without fear;
  • Using proven Agile delivery approaches to introduce and embed changes.
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We strive to delight our clients. Here’s what some people we have helped say about us.

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