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Icerberg inforgraphic for transformational debt

What is transformational debt and why should you care about it?

There is a concept in software development called technical debt. Put simply, technical debt is a cost associated with performing additional work to put right a quick fix solution, or the cost of performing work later than it should have originally been performed. In both cases, the cost of paying back the debt is often higher than the cost of doing the job right first time.

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Battling bureaucracy

Humanocracy Beats Bureaucracy

Humans are really good at seeing patterns and developing solutions to solve problems. It’s a gift that evolution bestowed upon us. We can create solutions to more complex problems when we interact in groups. Better ideas emerge when we can freely share our thoughts with others. Fundamentally, setting a collection of minds on a problem allows more factors to be considered and is more likely to result in a good solution

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Complex Network

Building organisational resilience for a complex world​

Organisations operate in an increasingly complex world. The efficiency-focussed models of yesterday are no longer sufficient in a world where resilience to constantly changing events is required. To cope with the demands of a complex world, organisations need to actively adopt different approaches that balance both efficiency and resilience.

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