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Our Vision

We have a vision of a world where our clients seamlessly transform their ways of working and enabling systems to achieve significant improvements and their people are supported through the change journey to ensure they remain engaged and relevant change is embedded in their organisation

Our Mission

We work in collaboration with our clients to transform them and their people to improve performance.

We promise to deliver real improvements, embedded in your organisation.

Our Values

Mark Fenton

CEO & Founder

Mark is passionate about making people and organisations more effective. He believes in the power of servant leadership to draw on the knowledge, skills and experience of the group, and employs agile approaches to develop and embed improvements. Mark is usually to be found facilitating at a whiteboard with a marker in his hand.

Neil Aries


Neil is passionate about helping organisations to get the very best from their people.  Applying a compassionate leadership approach, he works with those around him to understand the business needs and deliver the right solution at the right time.  Neil is learning keenly from Mark around effective facilitation, how to use whiteboards and aspires to one day reach his lofty level of proficiency.